Donald Sterling Can Teach You Something

Our family is pretty big basketball fans.  Even my girlie, cheerleader daughter has her opinions on players and loves watching–most of the time.  I am more of a college basketball fan, loving every minute of the Final Four.  But now that the NBA playoffs are on, so is our television, non-stop, game after game.  All  I can say about that is: Go Spurs Go! (but we all know it’s rigged, anyway.)


The entire nations basketball fun of hoping their team has been picked by the gamblers to win this year was temporarily ruined by the Donald Sterling Scandal.  In case you don’t know, or care about the NBA, I will bring you up to speed.  Donald Sterling is the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.  His net worth is $1.9 BILLION—yes Billion.  Not only does he own the team, he has convinced himself he owns the players.  He made horrible racist statements that, in my opinion, were leaked by his mistress to most likely get back at him for not divorcing his wife so that she could have his BILLIONS.  Yes, Billions.

Donald Sterling

As a result, the NBA has banned him for life from any NBA activity ever, he has to pay $2.5 million (a drop in the bucket) and he is forced to sell his team.  His nasty remarks offended people who most likely once called him “friend”. The very people who play basketball for him were insulted. The night those comments came out to the public, his team lost big. And here is why:


No matter how much money you make, or don’t.  No matter what your background, your nationality, your race, your gender…words matter. 

As a counselor I’ve worked with so many victims of abuse who have been bruised and battered.  Those wounds have healed, but what lingers are the words, the hurtful, hateful words that the enemy uses to taunt and torture.  Words have tremendous power:

The tongue can bring death or life;  those who love to talk will reap the consequences. Proverbs 18:21

Sterling’s words brought death, to himself and to other’s.  But something that is even scarier is that the words we say are a reflection of what is within is. 


But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart… Matthew 15:18

Is your heart full of hate like Billionaire Donald Sterling?

Is your heart full of unforgiveness, making you sarcastic and cynical?

Is your heart full of gratitude, allowing you to give of your time and treasure to those who need it?

Is your heart full of love, showing comopassion and love to those around you?

Not sure?! Spend some time reflecting on what you said to your family today, or your co-workers or friends yesterday.  Once your words have been spoken, the power of life and death or unleashed.  Donald Sterling may have been banned and fined, but what’s worse is living knowing that his heart is filled with hate and entitlement.  His consequence is minimal compared to the irreversable damage already done. 

Live with no regrets, speak life.

Thoughts?  Let me know!

LG|LP Tiff ❤


Why I Am Pissed About Jason Collins

Last night the big NBA story came out, well more like NBA basketball player Jason Collins came out. In a story for Sports Illustrated, the Wizard player announced to the world that he is gay.

Now I know that lots of you will expect me to speak out against homosexuality, because after all, I am a Christian. I am not outraged at homosexuality, it's everywhere, it's even in the Bible. But for the record I am against homosexuality because I believe it is a lifestyle choice. More so, I don't think that anything that places a person's identity in sexuality can align with God's character or plan for the people he loves.

I don't really want to argue the sexuality-nature-nurture-God's-Justice-vs-Gods-Grace-homosexuality-Christians-are-so-judgemental-you-have-to-accept-me issue. I'm really more pissed that President Obama called Jason Collins and congratulated him on being gay.

I mean it's not bad enough that our Vice President spent $1 million dollars of tax payers money on a two day trip to Paris. Or that the Obama family so kindly didn't spend their own money giving each other gifts last Christmas, they just spent $20 million of our dollars to jet off to Hawaii to celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus together in the surf.

Now on the President's agenda, along with Late Night Show interviews and other celebrity appearances, the President feels compelled to call an NBA player, that most likely he doesn't even really know, and say “Yay, You're Gay!”

I know some of you are thinking that the President lives in a free country and can call who he wants. But I'm just saying–Not on my dime. I'm not okay with that. I would much rather Mr. President call maybe the wife of the soldier who lost both his legs fighting in the war, and now their marriage is on brink of failure but they are pushing through to try and make it work. And maybe he could say to them, “Yay! You're doing it!”

Perhaps he could pick up the cell phone that we pay the bill on and call the veteran of two wars, who just can't get a job with the government because there is a job hiring freeze because due to an excess of money spent on Paris and Hawaii. Daily this soldier battles PTSD and severe pain, but hasn't been able to get a disability claim approved or paid in the last two years because no one will return his calls and the government doesn't have the staff or the money to actually support the soldiers that fight to make sure that NBA players can make millions and our President can freely support same sex relationships. Yah, he could call that guy and say thanks for serving our country. Or even better–President Obama could call someone at the VA and ask them to pay out the soldiers claim.

And maybe when First Lady Michelle Obama says that a NBA player coming out of the closet is a huge step forward for our country, maybe she could mean that when families are actually able to pay their rent, and people are actually able to get jobs, and students can actually finish school without being hundreds of thousands in debt.


I guess I'm just fed up. I'm tired of the President wanting to be more friend of the celebrity than the leader of our nation. It's getting really old, it's making me nauseous. I find myself losing hope for our future, wondering why God would allow such authority over our country–why we tolerate such authority.

Luckily my hope is in Jesus–Jesus is the Hope for Real Change.

“I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” John 16:33


NBA is Rigged

Am I the ONLY person who thinks the NBA Finals are total sham? Really? And this rant isn’t because the Spurs lost last night. I dis-owned the entire NBA forever ago, when the players became more thug and the franchises became more greedy.

It wouldn’t be that big of deal except my husband LOVES basketball. And I do, too. But I love the GAME of basketball not the PERFORMANCE of the NBA. No doubt the players have skill, and they are tremendous athletes with exceptional talent. But I think all of America has been dupped. Yep–even you.

I know it would be one of those moments that would change your life forever, but I just find it impossible to believe that such a money-hungry, and money-driven, organization isn’t corrupt on some level. There is too much money involved, too many gamblers bets on the line, for basketball to remain pure. One more game is needed to sell one more ticket, one more beer, one more hot dog, to pay one more player an outrageous, and in my opinion, undeserved, salary. And this team, and this city needs more money this year because blah blah blah, so let’s drag this series out a few more games. It’s for the city, it’s for the team, it’s for the NBA.

Whether it’s the players or the refs, I’m not sure. Sometimes, I think the players are in on it, even though I think it would be more difficult to keep the secrecy of it under wraps. To me the refs are the ones to keep under the microscope, because no one really knows anything about them–or most importantly, about their integrity. Most games that are upsetting and frustrating have nothing to do with how the players perform, it almost always has to do with the calls from the refs.

I know you think that there is no possible way they can pull it off. I know that you think you are way too intelligent to fall for such a scam should it be really true. Or maybe ignorance is bliss and for the love of the game and your favorite pass-time, you are willing to turn the other way, and pretend.

Consider this: if Hollywood can get an entire country in an uproar about the end of the world in 2012, and if the media can have us believe the Zombies are currently attacking us, then why couldn’t the NBA get you to believe that the games they are playing are just and fair?

I don’t have any proof. I’m not some investigative reporter with some crazy evidence that will bring down the entire Association. So, am I just crazy? Perhaps. Distrusting? Umm, maybe.

But I’m not stupid. I think it’s all rigged!

How about you?!