Strange, Strange Love & Hate Relationships

This morning as I was in the shower, and the water was washing over me I thought to myself…
My hair is really dirty.
Like really dirty. Like needs 2 washes with half a bottle of shampoo dirty.
I hate washing my hair.  Hate hate hate.  I don’t like the feeling of wet hair on my head, I don’t like drying it.  I don’t like the process it takes to “do” my hair.  I don’t like to take the time knowing that it will just be gross again in 24… 36… 48…. ok 72 hours.
In my deep self-awareness, and during the second wash I recognized the many normal things I just hate doing. And so of course,  there are not so normal things I love doing.
Here’s my lists:
Washing my hair (obviously)
Going to the pharmacy
Paying for dry cleaning
Buying toilet paper
Pumping gas
Working out
Painting my nails
Minecraft conversations
Cleaning small bathrooms
Sleeping too long, too late, too much
Doing research
Dry Shampoo
My hate list is longer than my love list, and I really had to put some effort into coming up with weird things I love.  I mean, SLEEP, come on–who doesn’t LOVE to sleep ALL the time (Like if I had a choice, alll of my free time would be sleeping).
Humans are filled with so many strange, strange loves and hates.  What are YOURS? Comment and tell me weird things you love and weird things you hate.

You Are SOO NOT Funny!

I wish I was funny. Well, I think I’m funny, but most people (i.e. my husband and children) think I’m a dork. I have funny conversations with myself in my head and find myself laughing most of the time. I have my moments of funny where I can make a crowd laugh, or a small group of people–either way.

But I realllly wish I was a funny writer. I don’t do well translating my hilarious antics to paper. I’m not sure why, but I just can’t write funny. I try. I really do. But -___- yah, nothin’! I would love to be able to throw down a few paragraphs that make you laugh so hard you pee yourself, but I will settle for a soft, internal chuckle, a LOL, if you will.

What about you? What is that thing you wish you could do? But have to accept that yah–you’re not that person.