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Ministries, schools, daycares, child protective, social workers, volunteers, staff, parents

Stressed Out Kids: A workshop focused on how stress affects children physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Importance of Family:  Exploring how different families affect a child’s life now and in the future.

Building Connections:  A workshop focused on building lasting connections with kids.

Behavior Disorders:  Looking at several behavior disorders and how the growth of diagnosis is affecting the Y generation

Music and Movement:  Hands on exploration of how important music is to children and the necessity for kids to move!

The Brain and Behavior:  Understanding how the brain functions and how it affects the behavior of children.

Safety and Security For Kids: Learn how provide the safest and securest environment for the kids you serve!

KIDMIN & STUMIN : Workshops that focus on building a children or student ministry on a solid foundation, including ministry nuts & bolts, curriculum and volunteer management.


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Being one, and a flat on my face one, I have some thoughts on how we can do this thing together…. 

I’m Perfect! Aren’t You? :  Challenging women to find their perfection in God’s perfection.

The TinkerBell Syndrome: Jealousy is ugliness masked as a fairy.  It can ruin the lives of women and steal our joy.

How To Be the Perfect Mother:  Mary is the example of a Perfect Mother-only found in her obedience.

Out of The Dust:  Tired of living an unbalanced life.  Discover what God can make out of the dust you clean up!

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Because Jesus let’s me have the microphone on Sundays, even though I’m just an ordinary girl. 

I have experience presenting the message during church services, and would love to speak where the Lord leads me!

Custom trainings and speaking topics are available to serve you and your organization!  

Contact me at tiffany@tiffanycrawford.org  or 210-241-4091 

What people are saying: 

“Tiffany is a great presenter!” Children’s Ministry Volunteer, San Antonio, Texas

“Great simple explanations of complex ideas. Definitely worth my time! Thanks!” Parent, San Antonio, Texas

“All information was helpful, educational and enjoyable!” Preschool Teacher, Northwood Presbyterian Day School

Thanks for everything, you were GREAT!” Martha, San Antonio, Texas

“Make your workshop longer! We want more! This was a real eye opener.” Preschool Director, San Antonio, Texas

“Tiffany has constant group interactions and awesome demonstrations.” Volunteer, ChildSafe

“Thank you for all of this.  I learned so much about kids and so much about myself!”  Grandma of a SoK, Brandon, FL

“What you said this morning hit right to the heart. I have been that person locking things away in a trunk for 50 years. Thank you.” Woman, Sunday Morning Church Service