With fourteen years of ministry experience, including children, students, recovery and church planting, I offer a unique perspective on the church.  I believe the church should be church first and business second. Ministries shouldn’t be programs, and people aren’t numbers.

I love to combine all of my experience to assist you and your church with any ministries that may need fresh eyes and a new perspective. Spending time with your staff and volunteers, encouraging them to accomplish the mission and vision God has given you is what my consulting ministry is centered on.  I also have expertise in beginning brand new ministries, knowing the critical steps to implementing the outreach ministries you know will be effective in your community.

My fees are project based and budget friendly.

Contact me today! I would love to meet with you!  210-241-4091

Don’t miss this:  my husband consults with churches to help build safe and secure environments through background checks, safety plans and building security.  You can find out more about him and his ministry at CrawfordInvestigations