I stumbled into church planting over three years ago.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I have cried, tried to run and had moments I thought I completely lost my mind.  And because I’m crazy, I love it!

There is no one way to start a church.  You will make mistakes, you will need guidance, you will need a place to be encouraged and to laugh.  I hope that my posts on church planting will be that place for you.I will do my best to offer encouragement and insight into what I’ve learned as I’ve planted ideas, cultivated relationships and weeded through my own personal hangups with the American Church.

I hope you will share your ideas with me, because we all know I could use some creativity now and then.  And more than anything I hope that you will find an inspiration to walk worthy of the honorable calling of tending to the church, Jesus’ love.

If you ever need some help or just a set up fresh eyes, connect with me! I would love to serve you.