A Photographer’s Guide to Choosing an Extraordinary Location

As a wedding photographer, I understand the importance of finding the perfect location for an elopement. For couples who are adventurous, and value unique experiences, selecting a breathtaking setting can make your elopement truly original and special. In this blog post, I will share my insights on how to pick an extraordinary location that aligns with your desires for a one-of-a-kind elopement experience.


When it comes to choosing a location, think beyond the well-known and popular spots. Look for hidden gems that offer a sense of exclusivity and adventure. Consider locations that are off the beaten path, such as secluded beaches, majestic cliffs, enchanting forests, or picturesque mountain peaks. These hidden gems not only provide a stunning backdrop for your elopement, but they also create a sense of discovery and uniqueness that will be reflected in your photographs.


For an extraordinary elopement experience, connect with the natural world and its awe-inspiring beauty. Look for locations that offer diverse landscapes, such as cascading waterfalls, rugged canyons, expansive deserts, or lush gardens. Nature’s majesty provides a sense of grandeur and tranquility, making your elopement feel truly special. Allow the surrounding environment to inspire and enhance your love story, creating a visually stunning and emotionally resonant experience.


For adventurous souls seeking an unforgettable elopement, consider epic destinations that offer a blend of luxury and natural wonders. Think about iconic locations like the majestic peaks of the Swiss Alps, the ethereal landscapes of Iceland, the pristine beaches of the Maldives, or the enchanting vineyards of Tuscany. These destinations provide a perfect backdrop for creating original and extraordinary elopements that are truly special. Explore the possibilities and let your imagination run wild. There are tons of epic destinations in the United States what will inspire you and are the perfect place to celebrate your forever love.


To make your elopement truly unique and special, incorporate elements that reflect your personal passions and interests. Think about locations that hold sentimental value or represent shared hobbies. If you both love hiking, consider an elopement on a scenic trail with breathtaking views. If you are passionate about art, choose a location that showcases stunning architecture or cultural landmarks. By infusing your passions into the location selection, you will create a meaningful and original elopement experience.


Connect with me and we can chat about all the destinations I am an expert working with. I provide insider information about hidden gems, permits, weather conditions, and know the best times to capture magical moments. My expertise will help you discover unique locations that are off the tourist radar, ensuring an elopement experience that feels truly special and authentic.

Remember, the location you choose sets the stage for an elopement that will be forever cherished and captured in stunning photographs. Let your adventurous spirits guide you, and embrace the magic of finding the perfect backdrop for your extraordinary elopement. I would love to help you make all of your romantic dreams come true!

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