Can Anyone Explain This To Me?

I don’t understand it.

I’ve researched and compared.

I’ve tilted my head left.

I’ve tilted my head right.


So I’m turning to you, my trusted friends, to calm my nerves, to ease my soul.

Can someone, anyone, please explain to me the newest obsession with leggings that are uniquely patterned?

I’m talking about the leggings that are all the rage. And you are suppose to wear them in public around people. To a place like the mall, or to meet your husband for lunch or like to grab a drink with friends. I don’t want to grab a drink with friends wearing these:

Or even these:

Or not even these:

Not here nor there not anywhere, I will not wear them on a boat, I will not wear them with a goat.

Seriously though, can ANYONE give me a good argument for this legging nonsense that is taking over the suburbs and brainwashing all of the moms and women with ‘active lifestyles’, and multiple children. This movement that is somehow convincing normally trendy and sane women that leggings with cats on them is not just acceptable but “cute”.

I can’t even with this.

What do you think? Do you like this legging trend that is trying to infiltrate our homes and marriages? I’m just saying, if I came downstairs wearing pineapple print leggings that cost $55 my husband would actually say to me : WTF ?!

Comment below and tell me your thoughts.

P.S. I’m sorry if you own some.  We can still be friends, we just can’t have drinks while you wear them.  ❤️


8 thoughts on “Can Anyone Explain This To Me?

  1. Oh friend, you and Matt will now be best friends! Haha!
    I have a couple of friends that sell Lularoe and I just don’t understand it. They look good on some other people…mostly California people. But I tried some on and looked like I had just gotten out of bed! They were, one word, ugs!
    I had even had the audacity (before trying them on) to buy some online from one of the friends. The leggings looked cute on her fb page but NOT in person. (They had these flowers and a faded purple background and reminded me is something I would PASS on at Goodwill) And the shirt. Oh the shirt! Can you say tent?!
    Matt says Lularoe is the new muumuu. Lol!

  2. Two friends at work sell Lularoe. And yah, no. We have four things in my house from them and all but one are solid colors. Leggings are great! – IF they’re covered. And then to think that they make them in MUSTARD YELLOW! Who, why, do we need MUSTARD YELLOW???!!! Just say NO people…just cuz some people (whom aren’t good friends of your btw) say that it looks good – NEWS FLASH – IT DOESN’T!! Rant over… totally feel you sister!

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