It’s a First!

For lots of this blog family we have entered into three days of fasting. We empty ourselves, waiting expectantly on Jesus to empty the tomb and resurrect life in us.

Three days.

Fasting is a form of worship that allows is to truly focus on Jesus and only Jesus. We deny ourselves of something simple and in return we get back the complexity if grace and mercy in our lives. We allow God to transform some part of our heart from death to life, so that we may rejoice and tell the world of his goodness.

If you are joining me–let’s do this!! Let’s lift our burdens, let’s wait for the freedom that is ours! If you are just now learning about this fast–it’s not too late! Start now!

A fast doesn’t have to be all food, just something significant that you can’t do without Gods help. But it must be food, and it must be challenging.

God sees us.

He sees us.

Recklessly pursuing Him,



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