Why I Can’t Watch TV…It’s a Sickness

Last week was the Season Finale of my favorite show ever– Parenthood.  I am so overly, and unhealthily attached to the Braverman family.  There is something about the way they connect with each other and talk and still love one another after they fight.  It’s a sickness, because all week I’ve been grieving that I have to wait until the fall when they come back. Luckily, to ease the pain a bit, the Mindy Project is back.  Not exactly the same and I get cheated out of half hour of TV time.  Either way, Mindy makes me laugh, laugh, laugh out loud.


See, this is why I can’t watch TV.  I get way too emotionally involved with the characters. More so, it’s the story.  As a writer, I love a good story.  For television, if you can surprise me with amazing, witty and lifelike dialogue, I’m a fan forever–even through the reruns (Friends, cough cough).

And don’t even get me started on books.  If I dive into a book that really hooks me, I read it in three or four hours.  One sitting, can’t put it down. I’m lost, and the characters are real to me and I’ve been known to weep when one dies. (My Sister’s Keeper, cough cough.)


Who doesn’t love a good story?  Who doesn’t want someone to connect with them in a way that feels as if, “wow, you really get me.” ?

That’s what so many people are missing out on–having someone really understand where you are coming from, what your struggle is.  Or opening your eyes to a struggle you never even considered.  And it’s so easy to find, that story.  That story that says,

I don’t know why I keep doing the things I hate to do, and I know better, but I keep doing them.


I’m lost and alone and have no friends and avoid people when possible.


I’ve been waiting my whole life to feel better and be healthy.


__________________ (fill in the blank).


A book has been written that truly understands you. You just have to read it…


Try and See.  

What’s your all time  favorite book or TV show? Share with me, I’d love to know.


4 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Watch TV…It’s a Sickness

  1. Love “24” and I’m way too excited that it’s coming back on May 5th for a 12 episode special. My family and I have watched all 8 seasons more than once. It’s one of those shows you say “let’s go watch one episode” and 4 hours later you realize you haven’t eaten, been to the bathroom or checked on the dog in forever. It’s sad how we can get so attached and my excitement for its return is over the top unhealthy. There, I confessed it out loud, lol. My favorite books are The Poisonwood Bible and Map of the World. Incredible reads if you haven’t already read them 🙂

    1. I’ll have to check out those books… I first started watching Parenthood on Netflix and did the same thing… Then I got hooked on Brothers & Sisters. I had to scroll and find how many more episodes so I could prepare myself for it to be over. Sickness!

  2. I am SOOOO with you…I love Parenthood!! I actually have this season DVR’d and last night, watched the first episode of this season and was upset that I had to go to bed, otherwise I would’ve gone all the way through! I plan on taking the rest of the week to catch up here and there. The reason I write, is because I am wired the same exact way as you. I find myself laughing, crying and smiling throughout the show (among other shows) and realize that I have to remind myself that it’s a TV show. But I also love to write, so I’m thinking that what we have may not be a sickness, as much as an ability to appreciate the words, conflicts, emotions, and outcomes that stories present. We admire and love that other people can invoke in us the same things we want to do with our own writing. I think it’s a great gift! And if it is a sickness, then don’t take me to a hospital, I love the escape that story affords us! God bless!

    1. I do love the story…. I’m all about the story. Enjoy your PARENTHOOD RIDE It’s so great, yet too painfully short! I love a show challenges me to be a better storyteller! Thanks for coming by. I look forward to chatting!

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