Worth Less Than It Costs: The Selfie

I avoid mirrors when possible. It’s so much pressure to worry what I look like all the time, especially since most of the time I do, in fact, look homeless. My at-home-mom uniform normally consists of baggy pants and t shirts that are too big for me. It’s not that I don’t have clothes, I just figure why create more laundry.

I know I wouldn’t have survived as a teenager in today’s America. The pressure to be perfect is insurmountable. Look at Miss USA from 2012


I mean come on–eat something.

With cameras in every phone, a teenager can have a photo snapped at any moment. Girls spend too much time (5 minutes is too long) practicing selfies and making sure their hand is appropriately on their hip for every group picture.

Because who knows where your photo might end up?

Who knows who might see it?

In my “old age” and very limited wisdom, I’m just too tired for that and care less and less what others think of me. When I do go out in public I want to look nice, but not for everyone else, but because it makes me feel like less of a scrub.

My quandary is: how do we impress that upon our kids? How can we show them that their value is so much more than a snapshot? How can we get then to see that with every click of the camera their spirit buys into the lie that their worth is strictly based on what others see?

The devil is a crafty one.

Even though a picture may be worth a thousand words, the cost is so much more expensive-too costly to the souls of our lovies.

How do you handle selfies and social media with your kids?


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