A Toast: To Tragedy, Change and Misfortune

Many of you are looking at 2014 as an opportunity for a new start, a clean slate!  You are determined to start over, you’ve made your list:

“No more sugary drinks for the kids!” You proclaim (as one of them is pouring themselves a Coke)

“I’m going to go to the gym five days a week!” This is your battle cry (for about a week, maybe)

“I’m NOT going to let my house look like I’m on an episode of hoarders!” You declare (as you throw your Christmas stuff into random piles all over the house)

Too many, people. Too many.

You know that you aren’t going to do these things, and by Valentine’s Day you will regret your semi-commitments because you have failed, and promise yourself, yet again, that by the summer you will…

I’m such the encourager.  No wonder you read my blog.

But seriously.  I”m over it, the New Year’s Resolutions.  I can’t keep a commitment to myself from week to week, much less an ENTIRE YEAR.

Last year brought too many changes, that no New Year’s Resolution could have rescued me from.  I bravely left my position at a church plant that I dearly loved.  My sister-in-law tragically lost her parents, and then weeks later we sold EVERYTHING and packed up what little was left and moved back to Texas.  My husband has started his new career, the kids new schools, and me a new…5 pounds on my thighs.  Going to the gym would not have saved me from that, neither would have being organized(ironically since we sold everything) and we all know that Coca Cola is what keeps my kids(and me)from whining.

For 2014, I commit to simply doing two things:  Loving God and His People.

That’s it.  Loving God was my only saving grace last year and loving His people is my sole purpose for living.

So here’s to 2014. To tragedy, change and misfortune.  What else could a girl want? 

Happy New Year!


3 thoughts on “A Toast: To Tragedy, Change and Misfortune

  1. Loving God and His people, sounds like a good plan to me! As the winds of change are starting for me I had no idea on how to go forward and God always so good to answer us, so far gave me two ways to move on ahead….what you wrote “Love God” and from another blogger – “dedicating this year to God” It is the perfect way to move another step forward. God bless your day!

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