There’s Something About Mary

I woke up this morning thinking about Mary. This pregnant unwed mother of the man who would forever be famous and change the world, would change lives.

Here is the thing about Mary and her Christmas story: the angel told her how she was blessed and favored and chosen; how God was going to work out His perfect plan in her life.

Everyday we are told the same.

We are favored.

We are blessed.

We are chosen.

What is The difference between me and Mary? The difference between you and Mary?

It has nothing to do with the fact that she is Jesus’ mom. Or that her story is in the Bible. It has nothing to do with anything except this simple fact:

She believed it.

Mary believed that she was Favored and Blessed and Chosen.

We don’t.

I don’t.

There is nothing we can do to earn the favor or the blessing. Simply, we must believe that it is true.

And when we do truly believe this fact, nothing in our lives will be impossible for God to do through us.

Make your Christmas story count. Believe what God says about you…you could change lives.


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