Christmas: It’s Not About Jesus

I was nineteen when I got pregnant with my first little lovie. I was living at home, but going to college and working, trying to find my way. I was terrified to tell my family I was pregnant. I knew how upset my mom would be. Not because our family didn't love kids, but because I was young, and she knew my life would never be the same.

Countless times I tried to find the courage. I wrote notes, rehearsed in the mirror, prayed. I knew I had to say something, I would get my bump soon enough. Somehow I found the courage. Only to be revisited by the same fear two years later when I was pregnant again.

I wonder how much of that fear overcame Mary when, at 15 and a virgin, had to tell her parents she was pregnant. I was at least a little older, and of course, not a virgin. But she was. I wonder how she handled the disappointment in their eyes. The disbelief in their voices. The shaking of the heads. How was her confidence in God's plan for her life? Did she doubt what she had accepted for her life? Even regret it. Sometimes I have no confidence. Sometimes I have disbelief in my own voice, and dooubt God's plan and what he's doing in my life.

Imagine, being Mary, and at fifteen digging deep within to find every amount of faith to trust that God would pave her way, and literallly save her life. She could've have been stoned. I just didn't want my mom to be mad at me.

Christmas isn't just about Jesus. It's about every person who had the faith to believe, the faith to let God use them and change their lives. Including you.

How confident are you in God's plan for your life?

Are you filled with faith in your purpose and trust every step God directs for you?



One thought on “Christmas: It’s Not About Jesus

  1. Interesting on how your wrote this article – it got me thinking. Let me add I am glad you kept your little lovey – no matter what the circumstances each life is precious.

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