Happy Thanks-Now-Give Me!

This is the week of the Gimmes and the I wants and the Mom-I’ve-Condensed-My-Wish-List-To-3-pages.  The week after thanksgiving is always filled with crazy anxiety for me, wondering how to get through the holidays, sane and sober, and able to pay for the electricity in January.

So many of you parents have your stuff together.  I’ve read blogs about giving just 3 gifts, because 3 was enough for Jesus, it’s enough for you.  I’ve read posts about spending only $50 a kid, and giving gifts only in stockings, and I just don’t know how you do it.

I’m one of those crazy moms that wants to buy my kids EVERYTHING!  I don’t buy them too much during the year, because, honestly, we just don’t have the funds.  My kids aren’t without, don’t get me wrong.  But I want huge smiles, and awesome memories.  I want my kids to love Christmas, and not for one moment be disappointed, because life is already filled with too many of those.

But I wrestle with advertising, propaganda bull-sh*t, my desire to give abundantly to my kids and making Christmas all about Jesus…because it is, right?! We say it is, but scaling down the Christmas budget and only giving a few gifts doesn’t really make it all about Jesus.

I believe God is the giver of all good things to his kids.  And if I have this overwhelming desire to give until it hurts, imagine how God feels about us.  I know it’s not about the presents, I know it’s not about how much I spend.  I KNOW it’s about Jesus.  But how do we make it really about Jesus?

I want to know how you keep the holidays all about Jesus.  What are some traditions or new things you are trying to keep the focus on Christ?  Daily? Weekly?

How do you drive home the truth of the miracle of Christmas?

Comment and share with me.


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanks-Now-Give Me!

  1. Mine are small, but we do a cool magnetic advent calendar every night. We read the entire pre-birth thru Harod being mad on Nov 30th. Then each day we get the piece behind the wooden door. The kids tell the story and put the piece on the board. So far we have a star, a cow, and the innkeeper.
    We have twisted Santa a bit. He gives 1 gift to each kid to celebrate Jesus’s birth. Santa never wants us to forget that Jesus is why we celebrate. The elf on the shelf reports to Santa if we are doing what Jesus wants us to do.
    We dont make lists for gifts and I hope we can avoid. We pick an amt we can afford that year and spend exactly same on all. We try to stay at 3 gifts or under plus lil stocking stuffers. They are doing chores to earn money to buy gifts for each other. I’ve never made it about the gifts and wont start now.
    Christmas is about our savior. I dont watch TV unless recorded so I can speed thru commercials…so no pressure there. I’ve already begun teaching my kids that they wont always have it all…you get what you get and you dont throw a fit 🙂

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