Hey Churches: Stop With All The Logos

Blame it on my background in advertising.  Or maybe it’s the million churches I’ve been to in my life.  Or maybe it’s the clutter that already lives in my mind.  But I’m not sure why churches like logos so much.

It seems every ministry has it’s own logo.  And not only each ministry, but sometimes even every ministry under every ministry has it’s own logo.  When a person…a visitor….ME…when I dig through the website of a new church or open the bulletin/program on a Sunday it looks something like the logo quiz game.

logo quic

Stop.  Please stop.  it’s overwhelming.  Too many logos, that mostly don’t look anything alike, have no purpose but clutter, clutter, clutter. I know in your mind, in your heart, they are meaningful, but to the person trying your church for the first time, they are just confusing.

Everything we do should lead to the simplicity of the message: It’s all about what Christ did for us.  Our logos and “business” of church should remain simple as well.   Additionally, our ministries need to convey a sense of unity, as we are trying to unify people in their relationship with God.  Too many logos shows division in the church, particularly if there is no common thread within all of the logos.

I say it in love, stop with all the logos. What do you think?  When you visit a church do logos help you or confuse you? Comment…and remember….

You are loved.




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