I Would Sooner Surrender

The last few days of my life were spent selling the unwanted and packing the unnecessary. I have officially decided that I am a hoarder. I have rolls of unused Christmas wrapping paper, a collection of books that may or may not have been read, and enough of my hair in the carpet to make a wig. This is a huge undertaking in a short amount of time. ( Praise God for friends)

Wish I had some sort of deep wisdom to share. Through the boxes and Clorox wipes and old newspapers I was hoping to hear some
sort of prophetic message that would make all of this worthwhile. But all I hear is : You have to keep going.

I’m not sure if this is my own voice, not allowing me to stop packing. Or if it’s my husbands voice knowing I need to get this stuff done and would rather be napping. Or maybe it could be God whispering about something more than packing boxes.

We have to keep going through death of loved ones, and children going off to college. When our heart is broken and the tears never run dry, we have to keep going. When our body is filled with pain and our minds consumed with worry, we have to keep going.

Continuing on through the tragedy and missed opportunity and when life just doesn’t make sense is the great inspiration if the human spirit. We CAN keep going, so we must. Even if giving up is not an option, we must choose to keep going and to do it well!

I’m not sure if I am doing it well of not, I only know that I have to continue, no matter what state we live in or how many boxes are left. So off I go… No surrender!


5 thoughts on “I Would Sooner Surrender

  1. Yes. That is enough wisdom for today, the right message for what you (and so many of us) need to do. One hour at a time, one task at a time, to continue on, and not give up. I’m so very proud of you!

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