Yes, the News is True

After coming back to Florida from a long drive filled with fast food, disgusting gas stations and introspective wisdom we settled in once again only to be uprooted. A few months ago I committed to recklessly follow Jesus and quit a paying ministry job to step out of the boat. Now, five months later we find ourselves in a predicament. Forced to make a quick decision as the storms rage and the boat rocks, we woke Jesus in our fear and He answered.

He has called us to continue a reckless Jesus-life but not in Florida. So with a sad heart, yet a hope found in the one who calms the seas, me and the fam are packing up and moving back to Texas. And we are doing it quickly.  Our bus suburban rolls out of the Sunshine State next Friday!

I feel a bit like Jonah. I have my own ideas of what God has called me to. Yet he’s asking me to go some place my heart does not truly want to go. Luckily my Jonah story is filled with singing vegetables and pirates and I call those people family.   I have the privilege of just being there for my grieving nieces and nephews, hoping to throw a few handfuls of sand in the large hole in their heart from tragically losing their grandparents. I have no idea what God has in store for me or for my kids but I am guaranteed it is only goodness and love that has marinated in His grace and mercy.

I will miss my life in Florida. I will grieve not seeing my students every week. I will be envious of the work happening at Motion without me. But I will be confident in the work that God is completing in me.

You are loved.


2 thoughts on “Yes, the News is True

  1. I’m reliving so many things and feeling so many emotions alongside of you, dear sister. I wish so much that I could be there crying laughing hugging and helping you pack. Such unexpected journeys we find ourselves on. Keep writing. You inspire me. I’m going to look for plane tickets to TX in Feb for that conference I wrote you about!!

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