Thoughts On Being a Champ

Our Arena Football season has come to an end, and we walked out of the Tampa Bay Times Forum holding a trophy. And not just any trophy, but the championship trophy. We barely won, 8-6. But a win is a win, and we took it home when it counted! Well, I say “we” but what I really mean is Cody. Cody is my 5'9″ 13 year old, beast of a center. He has perfect snaps every. single. time. and will protect his quarterback no matter the cost! Ok, now I'm done bragging. (well, maybe.)

Cody's team had two weeks to prepare for the final game against the only team that ever beat them–by one point. Week one, Cody was sick, sick, sick and couldn't get out of bed, much less practice. The rest of the team practiced twice without pads. Week two, the Tropical Storm Andrea messed it all up for us Floridians, so there went one more practice out the window, and then a few hours of walk through. With the BIG game coming up, this wasn't exactly the hard work that was needed for the BIG win.

The team we went up against practiced in pads four days a week for two weeks. They were focused and ready to win the game. But they didn't. The team worked hard, and it didn't pay off–not with a WIN, anyway.

That's what we tell our kids, if you work hard you will be successful. If you do the work you will win! Practice, sacrifice, do what you have to! But sometimes, it doesn't work out that way. Sometimes the other team is just better.

I think of that in my life, when I find myself envious of someone else's _______. It's hard for me to swallow the reality that the someone else is just better. That's just the way it is sometimes. We want to always win the trophy, publish the book, get the job, be the best mom…and we want that for our kids. But to tell them that they will always win–to tell ourselves that we will always win–is missing the point.

Life is never about the trophy here in this world, it's about the rewards in Heaven. Of course we don't want to wait! But the waiting will be worth it. Even if you don't ever get the recognition you deserve, or the trophy you worked hard for, just remember that God sees. God sees!

You Are Loved.


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