So I’m Concocting This Plan….

My husband doesn’t know it, but I’ve been sitting in front of the TV all morning watching the terrible images of the Oklahoma Tornado.  I can’t imagine wondering if I will ever find my child buried beneath the rubble.  I can’t imagine it all being stripped from me, in an unexpected moment because of wind and rain.  I can’t imagine… Did you know that the winds were so fierce they stripped the bark off of trees.  But the trees were left standing–rooted.  Being rooted in Christ, I feel like our family is that tree, and no matter what we’ve been through, we are still standing.  And because of that, we have to do something.

OK Tree

Everything in me is ready to pack and start the 20 hour drive to Moore, OK.  But every doubt and question and reason not to is flooding my head.  My attachment to stuff and my worry about money and bills keeps my feet planted.  And for the record: I HATE IT!

This can’t be how Jesus intends for us to live our lives.  Unable to help, to reach out to those in need, because of stuff.  I can’t imagine He desired for us to be so comfortable that it hinders, and pretty much enables us to feed the poor, help the needy, love the broken.  More and more I resent this life I’ve created for myself and my kids.  This life of stuff and materialism.  This world of work hard at a job you may or may not like, that may or may not be your God given gifts to buy more stuff, and bigger houses, that you absolutely do not need…that with a little wind and rain, can be taken in moments.

So I’m concocting this plan…to leave.  I believe that going to Oklahoma could change our family, our lives, and my marriage.  I believe that going to Oklahoma will ignite a passion for people in my children.  I believe that going to Oklahoma will deepen my families faith in a way that we will never be able to be at this place again.  I believe going to Oklahoma will further the kingdom, and help a family believe in Jesus who never knew Him before.  I believe I want to go…I believe we need to go.  In order to go, I’m going to need to raise the money to prove to my slumbering husband how serious I am.  I am praying that God is speaking to him in his dreams right now, and I’m praying that by the time he wakes up my plan will be in full swing, and he will be unable to say No.

Will you donate?  I don’t need pledges, I need the cash!  Can you give?  Will you give?  I’m thinking we would need anywhere from $1500-$2000 to stay a week, have money for gas and food and be able to freely give to those in need.  I will be taking photos and documenting our trip, so you know I’m not trying to swindle you!  Help me get my plan in motion, and so I can be completely convincing when my husband awakens.  I don’t think my blue eyes alone are going to get me this one.


2 thoughts on “So I’m Concocting This Plan….

  1. I think if God is blazing in your heart telling you to go, then go. Ask for guidance on when the right time is – immediately, or when the kids are out of school? Like Sandy and Katrina and other major disasters, the work will be long term, long after the media coverage moves on.
    I also think that it’s helpful to work through an agency that has experience in disaster relief, like the Red Cross.
    I love your heart and passion sister, you’re touching lives one by one. Hugs.

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