Walking a New Road with Rainbow Dots and Unicorns

He looked up at me with his big brown eyes, “Mom, will you color with me?”  Who can say no to a sick kid with brown eyes?  Not this mom. So we spread out the crayons and self-containing paint brushes and smelly makers.  (Score!  Remember when smelly markers were the coolest thing ever?  And only the coolest teachers had them?  Well, now WE have them, so if that makes me cool, then so be it.)

After drawing a few hearts and flowers I started this project.  Dots.  Small dots.  Lots of dots.  Dots that take forever.

mom dots


By the 11th red dot, I was over it.  As I was entering into my time machine, transporting myself back to the days of rainbow bright and unicorns, these dots reminded me of how much I HATE hate hate process.  Before I even started this little piece of art, I envisioned the finished project.  But actually doing the work is a whole other cup of tea.

I hate process.  There. I confess.  But I made myself finish.  And the whole time, I felt the pain of Jesus trying to turn that switch on my heart. And it’s not a flip switch.  It’s a turn-one (and yes, that’s the official and proper name for it).  By the time I picked up the yellow (lemon) marker I was pushing myself to the finish line.  Trying to enjoy every dot, every size, every moment of creativity.  In order for me to learn to love the journey, I have to take myself on the journey, over and over, I have to walk that road.

So today I forced myself down another road, to teach me to enjoy the process.  And I hated almost every minute of it.

mom table before

I loved the finish product but by the time I sanded the first plank, I had to remind myself of the beauty of the journey.  That there are moments of frustration, and moments you have to force yourself through.   Even when you don’t feel like it, you have to take one more step.  And each “one more step” brings you closer to the end.

mom table after

I’ve decided that I will regularly push myself to learn how to enjoy the journey. Even if it’s forcing myself to make colored dots on a piece of paper, I will force myself out of my comfortable, and sometimes unproductive bubble.  If I want God to teach me something new, I have to do things differently than I’ve done before.  Are you willing to do the same ?

You Are Loved,

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2 thoughts on “Walking a New Road with Rainbow Dots and Unicorns

  1. I LOVE your art and your table and this post!!! (Triple exclamations for all three).
    Thank you, I needed this inspiration and challenge.
    Did you put a new top on, or paint it? Looks great! Proud of you.

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