I Deserve A Happy Mother’s Day!

Today was wonderful.  It started with breakfast, a great day at church, then shopping and dinner.  I got some much needed shorts, and some perfume…ahh…it smells so wonderful.  All day today was about mothers.

I think it’s wonderful to take a day out and acknowledge your mom for all the great things she’s done for you–like give birth, or clean up your puke or mop up your forgotten  frozen beer in the freezer when you were too young to be drinking and the butt-whoopin’ you got for drinking too young to begin with.   (thanks mom, but I still swear it wasn’t mine!)  Mom’s do above and beyond for us. I know, I have a mom.  I know, I am a mom.

Yesterday I was wondering what my family was going to do for me.  Fear crept up at the thought that maybe they wouldn’t do anything.  My husband works long, crazy hours.  My kids are –well, they are kids.  I convinced myself that if they didn’t do anything for me, that I would be okay with that.  (yah, right!  My husband is amazing!) Then this ugly feeling crept up in me.  This nasty, too familiar feeling that can ruin you, than can rob you of all joy possible….this….feeling of ….


At the end of the conversation with myself, I convinced myself that I was entitled to presents, and doting and acknowledgement.  That somehow, because President Wilson thought it was a good idea to make it a recognized holiday…or Hallmark encourages us to use their words to describe our love for our moms….or the flower industry convinces us that mom’s like already dead things that will continue in that process…somehow, I was entitled.  I deserved it.  Damn it, I earned it!

In that moment, those feelings of entitlement robbed me of the joy that comes with serving my family.  I love taking care of my family.  In fact, today, I found it difficult to not handle things.  Probably because I”m a control freak, but that’s for another post.  Even though I work hard to love my family, I am not entitled to anything.  I serve my family because I want to, because I’m called to.  Do I want to be honored and respected for what I do?  Absolutely.  But I want it to flow out of a natural love of God through my kids and husband, showered over me.  And I want it everyday.  Not because I deserve it, but because I find joy in showing that love to them, and they will ultimately find joy in showing it to me–and any other person in their life.

Mother’s Day should not be that have-to day when we painstakingly try and figure out what to buy a woman who already has everything.  It’s a day to do a heart-check.

Are the things you do in your life for your family a natural outflow of God’s love?

Is your reservoir empty? How can you refill it? 

Do your kids show a natural outflow of God’s love in their lives? 

Love God first, everything will come easier!

You are loved,

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