A Lion Is Roaring, Can You Hear It Now?

 “The LORD roars from Zion…” Amos 1:2 

When I was a single mom, I yelled lots. My poor babies had to deal with an emotionally charged, utterly exhausted parent who had no idea what she was doing.  Somehow I thought if I shouted my requests they would be heard and my requests would be granted. There are times still I don’t feel heard and my voice reaches an octave I’m pretty much embarrassed to admit. The reality was, the more I yelled the more I was ignored.

Almost like the story of the little boy who cried wolf.  He cried so often about nothing in particular, just to gain attention, that eventually everyone disregarded his real need.

Amos announces from who the prophecy came, the LORD.  And the LORD comes roaring.  The irony in this is that Amos was a shepherd.  He was most likely a man of few words, a man mild in mannerism.  He also understood the importance of the lions roar.

When a lion enters, he announces it’s presence. With a deep sound, repeating several times and traveling up to 5 miles, this animal shows everyone he is certainly king.  Similarly, God roars from Zion, making his presence known, showing his authority.

roaring lion

Ironically, most kids struggle with the idea of authority.  Weekly I see disrespect, dishonor and inability to submit to adults a common problem with too many kids.  As much as I hate to say it, and you hate to admit it, authority problems start in the home.  Our roars are too soft, if at all.   We parent in fear instead of teaching children to have a healthy fear of our authority, and then ultimately God’s authority over their lives.

Yelling isn’t the answer, I learned the hard way.  A roar is not a yell, it is simply an announcement.  It is a way to say to your children I am the adult, you are the child.  Knowing that someone else has wisdom over us provides a sense of safety.  It helps us to operate within boundaries and problem solve.  It is no mistake that Amos begins his entire warning to the people of Israel stating how God delivered His message—as a roaring lion.

Are you are roaring lion, establishing your authority? 

How can you change this if you need to re-establish yourself as the Lion over your children?


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