Let’s Talk About: Preacher’s Daughters

Yah, I got sucked in!  Preacher’s Daughters is a new show on  Lifetime.  I’m always interested in how the mainstream interprets the lives of those in ministry.  I could definitely tell a bit of “overacting” when the camera got too close.  Because just in case you didn’t know, Reality TV is often NOT actually reality.  Sorry if I ruined your day ….

I think it’s interesting to see that the families that were picked had ‘real world’ issues.  Divorce, teenage pregnancy, disobedience.  As a fellow “pastor” (and I use that term loosely) it is refreshing that Christians aren’t made out to be perfect.

I was reminded of walking with a neighbor a few years ago and we were chatting about the kids in the neighborhood.  As we passed a house she pointed and said, “Those kids are the worst.  Always cussing and acting stupid.  And they are even pastors kids.”

Later I walked to my house after dropping her off and wondered if Pastor’s kids had some sort of special DNA or gene that exempted them from temptation and the realities of sin.  The world definitely has an expectation on families in ministry to act differently and respond differently to the culture and the natural sinfulness of the world.

But like everyone else, we are only human.  We have a heart after God, wanting to do His will and lead people to Him, but we don’t always get it right.  And often times our kids are just along for the ride.

I don’t agree with everything on the show.  I definitely see the brokenness in the single mom and the way she parents in fear and other parenting struggles where the camera adds ten pounds.

Regardless of our vocation, one with eternal purpose or not, it’s hard to raise kids.  Everyone is different and we have become a different person with every child.  It is a daily prayer walk of fully relying on God and trusting Him to do His part as we do ours!

You are loved,

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