Why Nicolas Cage Creeps Me Out

It was a bad case of the Mondays.  I spent the day in bed, not feeling well–trying to fight the guilt of not feeling well–trying to force myself to feel better.  I even got up and showered, did my hair & make up, but soon after I grabbed all the kids from school, I went right back to bed, fully clothed.  I lead a youth group about 20 minutes away on Mondays, so I found a little strength after a pleading prayer and headed out.

After a great night of hanging with amazing kids, I headed home to my own amazing kids… to find this greeting me:



Now what is disturbing to me is that I hate Nicolas Cage.  I’m sure he’s a nice person blah blah blah, but as an actor, I think the world of film could do without him.  When I see him, or worse hear his voice, I think of the slicked back creepy uncle who walks around with his hand his pocket jingling his “change”.  I imagine him with a Marlboro in one hand a luke-warm half drank bottle of beer sitting in front of him while he invites his nieces and nephews who are passing through the kitchen to come and sit on his lap.  He just…creeps. me. out.

Now I know there are people out there who think he’s wonderful, artistic, blah blah blah.  But I think he’s a creeper.  And now thanks to my two teenage children, who will remain unnamed Alyssa and Cody  I now have creeper status pics all over my house:  My mirror where I sit to put my make up on, the microwave where I cook my food and the computer mouse where I sit typing.  He’s freekin’ everywhere.

What I love about this rather disturbing prank is it came from my kids.  Our lives get so bogged down–get your homework done, hurry up and eat we have football–don’t make too much noise dad has to work overtime tonight–go to bed—do…-go…-do…-go.  Sometimes as families we forget to have fun.  Fun and humor is such an important part of your family.  If your family doesn’t feel like you can play together, there is a sense of safety that is missing–and it is vital.

We should be able to joke with one another, even pick on each other (within limits) and maybe even once in a while, post creepy pics of your most hated actor all over your house.  Simply cause some laughter,  connect,  and show that you care–in a round about crazy sort of way, a way that shows your kids that you know them, and that even as an adult, you know how to have a little fun.   With spring break approaching, now is the time to put down your agendas, and have some fun with your kids.

How have you created an atmosphere of fun in your family?  Comment–let me know, I would love to hear from you!


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