WARNING: This MIGHT Make You Feel Guilty

Late this morning I’m laying in bed with my love, snuggled under the covers, protected from the ridiculous cold front that blew into Florida over the last few days.  We are talking about the day and the happenings ahead.  Zac is popping in and out of the room whining about his tooth that is getting ready to fall out, declaring he will probably never eat again.

I am going through my list of to-do’s and whining that I have so much on my plate.  Venting (and looking for sympathy) I tell him how I get really stressed with having to do work, and clean house and take care of the kids–balancing it all.  He hugs me and asks me if there is anything I can do to help.

And then we start talking about this kid:


kid pres

He is so fun to WATCH and truly the voice of inspiration that we all need in our lives right now! Michael proceeds to share with me how Kid President has Brittle Bone Disease.  This precious child has had over 70 broken bones in his life, and endured the pain of breaking bones making videos for us to watch.  Yet he still wants to encourage us.  Every time he makes a video, his parents sit holding their breath, hoping he doesn’t break something.  Yet he still dances.

I looked at my husband, with eyes wide, and responded with, “Well don’t I feel like a big piece of #@?$!”

I live in the poor-me-lets-complain-about-my-life-I-can’t-do-it world a majority of the time.  And here is this kid, with a life threatening disease, who risks pain to just make the world a better place.  I don’t want to have to make lunch and work. I don’t want to have to clean up my house and take a shower.

I officially suck.  God’s grace is officially awesome.  Today I officially start over with a new attitude, will you?

VISIT kidpresident.com 


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