Excuses and M&M’s

Excuse my procrastination tardiness. I've been buried in Oriental Trading Magazines that I daily receive by the truckload because I ordered a craft from them in 1998. Not to mention I'm still digging my way out of the Blow Pop wrappers from all the teenagers that stampede in and out of my house as if I run a Holiday Inn. God has been doing something….not sure what, quite yet, but something none-the-less.

I would love to say that since January 1st I have been diligently pursuing AND accomplishing all my new year's resolutions and writing goals, but really I'm just trying to survive one day at a time in a way that at the end of the day all i can do is ask, “Ok, God, did I do anything right today?”

I will say I have been writing, perhaps not as much as I would like, but I have (3) different writing projects I find some passion for at least a little every day. My daughter cheered her little heart into a sling, Zachry spelled incorrectly enough we had to “exchange” his teacher, and Beefcake is working on his own project that will be released to the world soon enough. And my husband, well, I meet him in Publix parking lots to say hello and pick up dirty clothes at some point in his 20 hour work day, heading from one job to the next.

So in all of that, I must say I've lost inspiration. I am a writer who needs to be inspired. I wish I was the disciplined writer, but yah, NO, discipline is not my strong suit. God is teaching me, patiently instructing me in the importance of obedience.

There is this guy named Moses, and he was to show God's glory to the Israelites and speak to a rock and water was to flow. Instead, Moses struck the rock clearly and blatantly disobeying God. God was so not dealing with such–Tiffany Moses should have known better at that point of his journey with God. So God told Moses, “this PROMISED LAND, this land flowing with blessings–with Milk and Honey–you will never see it. Your disobedience is THAT serious to me. Just do what I say, that's all I ask.” <<—If you're a parent, I know you've echoed that last sentiment at some point in your life and can understand God's exasperation with MOses.

All those years… All those years of preparing, of roaming, of wandering, and Moses never got to experience all of God's blessing and promises. So as great and amazing as Moses is, and even with his leadership skills being somewhat impeccable, I don't want to be Moses. I don't want all that God has for me withheld because of my disobedience.

You're disobedient. In someway, you are being disobedient to God…in your marriage, at your job, in your tithe, in your commitment to the growth of the church…somewhere you are being disobedient and there is a Promised Land, set apart for you that God wants to give you. Same with me. I've learned I'm not disciplined in so many areas of my life (as I'm shoving peanut m&m's down my throat)–and my lack of discipline is really just another way to frame my disobedience to what God is asking me to do in my life. Ouch. (but yummmmmm)

God is serious about us obeying Him. Through my excuses and M&M's I am trying to find my way to a more obedient, love filled life in a grace-giving Christ. Come with me.


One thought on “Excuses and M&M’s

  1. You are right. Thanks for this truth, you were obedient in this, today, being honest, and challenging your readers. I’m coming with you…never giving up.

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