The Christmas Talk

“Is this where you tell us we can't afford Christmas presents this year?”

That was the first question when I sat the kids down in front of the tree last night. We had just had great fun decorating and being silly. I quickly calmed their fears,”No, you will get presents this year. But I do want to talk to you about Christmas.”

We talked about the insane Black Friday video and the behavior of this world. We talked about prople and what they consider normal. I am blessed, and proud to say, that my kids do NOT think the Christmas crazy is normal.

“I want this year to be different. I want every year from now on to be different. I want Christmas to be about family, about creating memories, about serving others and about Jesus!”

We spent time coming up with ideas and here are some of them:

  • Drive around and look at lights with hot apple ciders of course
  • Spend time at Barnes and Noble
  • When we go to Texas, bless the residents at my grandfathers nursing home by putting treats on their doors
  • Wrap presents at the salvation army
  • Find a creative way to bless people at the airport when we are traveling
  • Eat at Cracker Barrell and look around at the Christmas store
  • Visit downtown San Antonio

Most importantly we spent time in prayer asking God to open our hearts and change our lives. We prayed for daily opportunities to bless others, and that we would be willing to listen. We asked for an abundance so that we can rock people's world for Jesus by buying blankets for the homeless, and giving needy families money or groceries, or being able to pay for someone's meal.

As a mom, my prayer is that my kids would willingly forfeit their “rights” to new perfume or a pair of headphones in order to buy those blankets, or give that money, or buy that meal. I am living in great expectation that my kids will get so much more out of this Christmas season than America can offer. They will have no other God or Idol, they will see Jesus for who He says He is, and live their lives in awe of Him with a heart for His people.

It is going to be a great Christmas! Stay Tuned!



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