Clean Your Filthy Self, Would Ya?

A few months ago Michael and I bought a new-to-us Suburban.  We got an amazing deal on it, but it was dirty inside and out.  Not just dirty, but filthy. It was disgustingly abused, neglected F.I.L.T.H.Y.  The truck was worth the deal and so it wasn’t too painful to pay a bit to have it cleaned.  Even the guy who scrubbed, shampooed and vacuumed my new wheels told me how filthy my truck was.  Even though it was my truck, it wasn’t my filth.  I was simply cleaning up someone else’s mess.

Last week during my cleaning frenzy I was polishing the inside of my truck and I immediately started to blame the previous owners for the cracker trail under the backseat.  I caught myself.  I couldn’t.

At some point, we have to take responsibility for our own mess.  Even when we want to blame the previous owners–mom, dad, grandparents, ex-spouses–something tells us, we are the ones who left a trail of pain, hurt and if-onlys.  There comes that moment when our life is our own, regardless of who molded us, abused us, neglected us or hurt us.  We have to take ownership of our filthy lives and learn how to maintain some level of “cleanliness” without blame.

It’s not easy but it’s necessary.  Living a life blaming our previous owner won’t make our carpets any cleaner.  Take the time to do a deep thorough cleaning, ridding your heart of the past you cling so tightly to.  With that you will find a renewal that will finally make your life your own.



2 thoughts on “Clean Your Filthy Self, Would Ya?

  1. At some point we need to take some responsibility even for some of the negatives that enter out life. Did we tarry and open the door? Did we not listen the first time we should have turned around? Did we sink under the oppression and not stand firm with who God says we are? A friend of mine would often say, “no one can take advantage of you without your permission”. Yes there are times we have clearly been wrong but it is our responsibility to respond with faith a rebuild. We can choose to be victims or respond as God promises, that he will turn evil for good. WE are Victorious in Christ Jesus .. but we are permitted to mourn and hurt and heal without the guilt of putting on a untrue facade! Be blessed- Denise

    1. Aboslutely! Sometimes horrible things happen to us and we truly are victims. I am a person who endured things that were truly not my fault. But i often forgot that Jesus was grieving with me, and by no means was what happened to me who I was. I lived so long blaming and didnt take responsibility for me. So grateful for the patience of Jesus. 🙂

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