Your Life is A Mess

This morning I caught the cleaning bug, almost as if I was counting down the days until a baby comes, I was that crazy.  I got all the kids out the door and in my jammie pants, Uggs and sporty green specs (looking a mess) I headed to the car wash armed with Windex, Armor All and paper towels.  It was freezing cold outside, well not really, but to a Floridian it’s freezing in the morning, so I wasn’t about to wash the outside of my car.

I cleaned the inside of the windows and tried two different vacuums to find the one that would give me the most for my 75 cents. I only really care about the inside of my car.  I can’t ever really see the outside of it anyway.

I use to not be that way.   Well let’s be honest, there was a time, many, many moons ago, that I didn’t care about the cleanliness of my car at all.  But in those moments i did, I always washed the outside first, and if I didn’t have time to wash the entire car, I just wouldn’t wash it at all.

Now, I watch people in my hood every weekend scrub, scrub, scrubbing the outside of their trucks and SUV’s, polishing chrome and tires.  I wonder if those people only care about the outside of their cars.

I also wonder how many of us only care about how the outside of our lives look.  We work really hard on making sure everyone sees our cleanliness, but when we open our door, does it reek of stale fast food and sandy carpets?  When we open our doors, are our hearts so stained with sin, no one would, or even could find their way through to take a seat and go on a journey with us?

We both have to be more concerned with the inside of our hearts than the outside.  We have to stay content with letting God clean the depths of our spirit, even if the outside doesn’t look great for awhile.

Are you willing to let your life look a mess if it means that Jesus has started a deep cleansing of your heart?  Can you trust him to create beauty out of your life that will be a reflection of his glory, and not just your face in your rearview mirror?


One thought on “Your Life is A Mess

  1. I love this analogy!!! it reminded me of something else too, i wash the outside of the car while my wife cleans the inside whcih includes vacumming the inside too, well, this one afternoon the only vacumm availble was this one that had a horrible vomit smell coming out of its vent, so obviuosly someone prior to us vacummed up a mess someone made, your post reminded to even go deeper….. once we allow christ to clean our insides the stuff that He sucks out or cleans up smells like that vacumm, i think i fall short in the area of DEEP cleansing because although i am open to get cleansed from the inside out, its the aroma i am ashamed of, but why should i be ashamed? isnt Christ cleansing pure?


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