Charismatic Churches Use Military Tactics

I grew up in the Lutheran Church.  Lutheran’s are a lot like Catholics.  We didn’t kneel, and we didn’t stand up quite as much.  But there were hymnals to sing out of , and pews to sit in.  My brother and I sat together in a sibling unity, like it was us against the church body.

I traveled back in time on Saturday night.  We decided to visit a church where I could be anonymous.  Not many churches have Saturday night services any longer, so I picked one that had a great website, agreeable Faith Statements  and seemed legit.

What I didn’t know is that it was Charismatic.

And to echo my earlier sentiments:  Nothing brings two brother’s closer than a 3 hour long Charismatic church service. The boys sat in front of Michael and me, playing hand games, whispering and giggling.  It was them versus the church body.

It seems this world is so intentional about catering to the needs of every child, separating every child by their appropriate age, giving them each their own stores, their own ministries, their own nights, their own, their own, their own…

Saturday reminded me how we are robbing our kids from childhood experiences that bond siblings with each other.  I’m wondering if this catering to our kids thing hasn’t totally affected our parenting and the increase of sibling rivalry.

Michael and I talk of times we were BFF”s with our siblings, and we had the opportunity to gain that relationship because we were raised in families where the circumstances forced kids to stand in unison against their parents, and the rest of the world for that matter.

If you ever have the time, take your kids places where they are forced to bond and you are seen as the bad guy.  I think it’s an old military tactic, but I can assure you that it works.


5 thoughts on “Charismatic Churches Use Military Tactics

  1. I have thought about this a lot and Tiff you know that I am opposed to all the separating we do in churches today. it seems as though a family comes to church and the minute they enter the door everyone goes a different direction.

    I understand parents wanting their kids to attend children’s church because they want to worship and hear what is going one. However I still think kids should be in the church service with the parents. When my daughter was deployed the kids had to attend church with me. They played. They whispered. They dug in my purse for gum. They wrote on any paper they could find. But they also watched. They watched me pray. They watched me take notes and agree and sometimes disagree with the pastor. They watched us sing and worship. They watched Papa Bruce shake hands with other while he had his Bible tucked under his arm.

    Then we saw it. We saw the 3 yr. old tuck his little notebook under his arm and walk around sticking out his little hand to shake hands with others. Imitating his Papa Bruce to a T was a blessing.

    We saw the 8 year old taking notes. We saw the teen slumping and pretending to not pay attention but we heard his conversation later in the week at the dinner table.

    Sometimes it was them against us. But hey who cares, we are bigger, well Papa Bruce is anyway, and we are older so we can take it.

    Great message Tiff. Thanks!!!

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