Trick or Treat: Can I See an I.D.?

Once upon a time, manny manny years ago. Like in the 90's, 13 was the unspoken official age to stop trick or treating. Usually by 7th grade, and that was pushing it, we put away our vampire teeth and traded it for the all important job of candy-passer-outer.

But as you walk the streets it is not uncoming to see almost grown men shamelessly begging for candy, and young girls dressed liked street walkers holding their pillowcase in search of a snickers. From age 8 weeks to 18, kids and kid-aged-parents are costumed up and trick or treating.

At one time I would have been crazy aggrevated with this new philosophy of the “Y”ldGeneration, but now, It's whatever. Maybe I don't get as offended because I have an understanding of these kids, praise Him that I do. And maybe this year, you worried about more important things than a 16 year old wanting a smartee.

The reality of it is, these kids aren't ready to grow up. My guess: most of them have been dealing with really grown up stuff for too much of their childhod and there is no appeal in being an adult. How can you blame them?



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