When One Door Closes

Over the last 10 years, Michael and I have endured hardships. We had difficult beginnings and challenging decisions from day one. I petitioned God for direction, to provide all the answers to our problems, to rescue us from our enemies,


There are two specific things we've prayed about for the duration of our relationship. Diligently, purposefully and filled with hope, we've cried out begging and pleading. And here we are ten years later, still praying the same prayers in the same way to the same God who continuously seems to close doors.


But you know what they say, when one door closes, another one …. yep closes. Another door closed today. Seems doors are always closing. The most frustrating thing is not knowing which door to try next. So now we are looking for another doorknob to turn.


I guess the most important thing is that we keep trying.


3 thoughts on “When One Door Closes

  1. once you turn that doorknob and you feel it “turn” all the way to its left (or right), meaning its unlocked, wow what a feeling that will be!!! what a feeling knowing you dilegently perseveared thru all these years knowing you exhibited Abraham-like faith, Noah-like faith!!! Knowing God will say, “I see favor in you because you were obediant” now THATS something, huh?

  2. God has opened the doors of many hearts, especially youth, through you and Michael. And I personally thank you for that. I grieve with you, stand with you and rejoice with you. Love, Karl

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