The Candidates Are Like Kool-Aid

Last night I watched the final Presidential debate for the upcoming 2012 election. I confess I haven't exerted too much energy to this political race because, well, I procrastinate. I figure I can gather all the information necessary to make a decision in about a day or less and we are no where near November, or are we? Plus who really likes politicians?

I loved watching how Obama and Romney debated more than I cared about what they actually said. If we are really honest with ourselves, we can admit that both of them are lying about something if not pretty much everything. What either say is merely watered down Tropical Punch Kool-Aid, no matter what your expectations, you will be gravely disappointed, and eventually, both of them will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

I Facebooked my thoughts regarding the debate and it started some pretty heated conversations. But I have to agree with my husband: when it comes down to it, neither Romney or Obama really care about me, or you for that matter. If I can't pay my rent or don't have groceries, or my child is sick, or my marriage is in shambles, or I can't put gas in the car to get to work, it really doesn't matter to the President or the Govenor. They are fed well, dressed expensively and live in very nice paid for houses. My life is of no regard to them, and I am the one who has to negotiate with the landlord.

What saddens me most is the mess we are leaving for the next generation. I am sorry for the United States my grandchildren will have to endure. These candidates are fighting for the job of managing our country but what we need is a leader.

We, and our children, need someone to rise up with conviction and belief in the people of this nation. We need a leader to lead our people, not just manage a budget. A person to share a vision for the greatness our country could be. We need a leader more concerned with integrity and morality than with winning and being right. We need a leader who can motivate our country to be better, to make sacrifices, to stand united. Our country needs someone who is willing to take a difficult position on all things for humanity. We need a leader who is willing to, and has, served in the trenches and foxholes. Our nation needs a leader who will speak hope into our generations…and not merely for financial stability or prosperity. Our country is in need of a strong leader of people, with a voice for love, a fight for justice and an understanding of human nature.

This election we will vote for a manager. But I am praying for a leader to rise up among the next generations who will radically invigorate our country through his character, his kindness and his ability to show the world the beauty of a nation, a family, working together to make life a little more bearable. I believe that person exists, if not now, they will. And our country will be better for it.

In the meantime, VOTE. Whatever you think about the candidates, or how you feel about the current state of our country, voting is one of the freedoms our soldiers and their families sacrifice for. See you at the polls!


4 thoughts on “The Candidates Are Like Kool-Aid

  1. HIS character? HIS kindness? If women ran the nation, war would for the first time become an action of last resort. Still, I enjoyed the passion of your position.

    We don’t have polls. We vote by mail in WA. I already voted, and once I did, I felt much less pressured and able to enjoy the absurdities of the debates and campaign in general.

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