Amidst The Chaos

The search is in progress for a new place for my Sunday morning students to meet. A few weeks ago, we picked McDonald’s. Hard to focus kids over french fries. This past sunday we tried the park. Serene, surrounded by God’s nature, uninhibited. Yah…ummm….no.

Noisy carwash across the street, yelling kids, ridiculous sized birthday parties and bugs.

Amidst the chaos we tried to focus on Jesus. Under the pavilion we gathered around the long picnic table, yelling our thoughts and questions at each other as two different families set up their picnics around us. It was futile. We decided to call it quits and trek a bit further out to pray. We stood there slapping the bugs off our legs and dodging bird droppings hoping that Jesus was not as distracted as we were.

Our lives are much like the trees in that park. Surrounded by chaos, constant noise, numerous distractions, it seems impossible to find Jesus. We allow everything around us to interrupt our focus, to stop us from praying, to keep us from going deeper in our relationship with God.

Some how and in some way we have to find the ability to drown out all that submerges us–leaving us gasping for air. Jesus can’t do that for us, we have to do that ourselves. Trees root themselves and are able to grow and reach toward the Creator despite the little feet that try to stomp them, or the constant noise that surrounds them.

And we find trees, still strong, able to withstand–simply because they were able to focus on growing in Him. How’s your focus?


2 thoughts on “Amidst The Chaos

  1. To answer your question, I am so not focused. Even with the Biblical research that I do for my school work, that’s all it is, research, not focused reading to internaly absorb. I make it a point on a daily bases to focus in but the noise just gets louder. If I was counseling someone and they said THAT to me I would ask, “what would it take to stay focused” I can not seem to answer that question for myslelf. Thanks for asking.

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