The Problem with Art

Michael and I were wandering around the art museum. It was date night, and I love looking at art. We studied chairs in the exhibit of the evolution of seating. We moved into the next gallery to find the latest comtemporary art. It was… pencil markings on graph paper. It was crayola drawings of flowers. It was completely lacking in creativity and uninspiring. <sigh>

The art that defines us now is tragically sad. I fear what people will think about our generation 100 years from now, when they, too, stare befuddled at these “masterpieces” of mediocrity. It saddens me that post-modern art reflects us so precisely. We are uninspired, willing to accept little, unwilling to challenge ourselves and lack depth.

This may not be fair to every. single. artist. But, overall, it seems that in the search for individuality we have compromised a true representation of the beauty that God created in us and through us.

I consider this at the book store as well–if you ever even need step foot in a bookstore anymore. Mass production of writing from authors–James Patterson has written 71 novels in 33 years. Publishing companies focus on selling the author, not the author’s art. Their faces are plastered all over, and Christian authors are the absolute worst about this. Write it fast, put my face on it, get it in the stores.

And oh my word…I can’t even get started on music.

It’s all really a disrespect to our creator in so many senses. He crafted each of us by hand. Creator is how we see Him first. Since we are created in his likeness, we are to be creators. If you feel something is missing in your life, chances are you aren’t fulfilling your God-given purpose to create. Why do women love Pinterest so much? Because it inspires us to create. Men just want to solve problems. Why? Because it’s a way to create. And kids–well, we all know they like to create mess.

Leave more of a legacy of your life than a doodle on a napkin or a status update on Facebook. Tap into your very soul made by the most creative being in existence and live a life reflective of that beauty.


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