At The Risk of Being Shunned: Why I HATE TWITTER

I have this love-hate relationship with Twitter. I really, really want to love it but I just mostly hate it. I try, I really do. I opened an account to be trendy, and cool and hip. But I am learning, maybe I'm just not any of those things. My initial motivation was that Twitter was a great way to network. I mostly follow other pastors, children's ministry and student ministry leaders, authors, and gurus on Christian leadership. But I see these tweets and find myself just resenting all of them.

Everyone has such inspiring things to say in 140 characters or less. Like here are a few:

Where God guides, HE provides”

“Leadership development isn't a program, it's a lifestyle. Learning to serve others doesn't happen in the classroom, but in ministry.”

“Busyness is not from the devil, it IS the devil.”

“I realized today that I am emotionally exhausted today over something I can not change. It's time to change me.”

“Make sure your worst enemy doesn't live between your own two ears.”

It's like walking into a store with nothing but motivational posters around you. Everywhere. Or maybe even rummaging through a very special line of Hallmark cards. And in between these little nuggets of wisdom is advertising and shameless, self-promotion (cough cough) “read here: how to be a better pastor” and “read this blog: How I lead on Saturday's between 8am and 12:35pm”

Tweets are much more profound than status updates, but I find that most people just link their Twitter and Facebook accounts. How lazy! Who wants to read what you think or who you are shopping with twice?! And I don't know how I can possibly keep up with all of the tweets of my following. There are so many, it's so rapidly changing. I don't do well with change. And I'm not sure I have that kind of time.

So I've decided that Twitter is just too much pressure. On Facebook I can be myself, and people respond, and sometimes they even care. On Twitter I feel like I'm at a job interview, carefully chosing my word usage and placement so that someone out there, who will probably never ever read my 140 characters anyway, might be momentarily inspired.

I have a decent following, not phenomenal but some people say they care what I Tweet, so I won't get rid of my account. Most likely I will follow even more wise, insightful 30 year old hipster pastors. But I'm not sayin' I'm gonna like it.

What are your thoughts on Twitter? I would love to know!


3 thoughts on “At The Risk of Being Shunned: Why I HATE TWITTER

  1. I know what you mean. I find Twitter frustrating as I can’t keep up with it. Things fly by so fast and there are so many post in just a few minutes. Do people spend all day reading Twitter. I can’t figure out how to justify spending all that time. Or do people just post and not read other’s post?

  2. I don’t really get Twitter. I like Facebook. I like seeing what current and past friends are up to. I like being able to interact some. Twitter just feels like people standing around talking but not to each other.

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