Don’t Sell Me Your Crap

On the way to take Zac-Attack to Judo this morning, we moseyed by a garage sale. I’m not sure if it’s inflation or the desperate needs from the economy, but people sure are proud of their junk. I always thought of garage sales as a way to make a few bucks instead of just sending stuff to Goodwill, but I never considered it an opportunity to meet the demands of your mortgage payment.

$2 for a baseball. $4 for a tiny toy collector football helmet. $8 for a board game. $6 for a basketball.

HUH?!That’s all crap I can find at the dollar store for, ummmm a dollar. This is probably why I don’t go to garage sales much. Well, there are a few reasons. 1. They are too early on a saturday morning. 2. If I AM at one that early on a Saturday morning I can’t guarantee that my Jesus-filter will be on and I just might say something I can’t take back.

This tiny adventure challenged me to question how I determine the value of the stuff in my life. The value of my home, my lamps, my books, my children, my marriage are all ultimately determined by me. Jesus sees it all as dust and last I checked He doesn’t have room for our crap in Heaven.

I waver between knowing that there is no real value of things in the world, and wanting all that the world determines valuable. IT’s an ugly hate-love-hate relationship. I wonder if Jesus wanders around my heart shaking his head at the ridiculous prices I place on all my stuff. I wonder if He just gets back in his Prius–I think Jesus would drive a Hybrid Prius if he had to, a white one– but he climbs back in his Prius and lets me just sit there with my stuff that I value and no one else wants. And he lets it all collect until I’m wise enough to see that none of it has real value. I think he would let that happen.

We know the truth, we just don’t heed to the truth. We know American consumerism is nothing but pressure, and pain and we deny time with our kids and family so we can buy more stuff. And we work two jobs and rob Peter to pay Paul so that we can afford that car payment, of a Prius, no doubt. We are convinced that our value is determined by our stuff…and as parents our value is determined by what stuff we can buy our kids.

We have to find a way to step back and value what Jesus values, and it’s not the baseball or the boardgame. It’s you. He values you. There is no price on you, he would not trade you or sale you or barter for you. You are priceless.



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