The Season of Old Age

Monday night I was minding my business, fluttering about the house doing my duties, and bam! Something happened. I don't know if I twisted wrong, bent over incorrectly or if it had anything to do with my ninja-like cleaning skills, but I pulled my back.

Now the first time I pulled my back, Michael was in Afghanistan. It was quite the circus around here. EMS, my mom catching a quick flight to help out, my amazing friend Melanie driving me to the ER while her mom babysit all the kids. Mel saw my bum get a shot, and held my hair while I puked.

Since that first instance, this has happened at least 4 more times. This time, though…this time. I experienced the absolute most excruciating pain of my life. Yes, worse than childbirth. My back muscles spasmed and my legs thrusted up in the air, i broke into a cold sweat and I actually almost threw up. Never have I had to throw up because something hurt so bad.

I laid in bed literally for 36 hours. I could not walk at all and please don't ask me how I went pee. I am exhausted from all the drugs and completely discouraged at what I consider time wasted. It seems it will never end…

How quickly I forget the seasons of life. My previous blog was named: Every Season Under Heaven. I lived very aware of the constant changes in my life and I embraced them, sometimes with fear, sometimes with faith. The last few years have seemed like one long season of winter in so many ways, yet bear the image of the bloom of spring in so many others.

I am getting old. No, I am not like 90, but I'm not 20 either. As I cycle through the many changes in life, growing in age is one of those things in the seasons I must embrace. My body is changing, my hearing going, my back failing. But with it hopefully comes wisdom, and a touch of gratitude. And it's comforting to know that the same Jesus has been by intimately involved in my life from before the world was created.

Do you embrace the seasons of your life or do you tend to fight against them hoping for something different, or something more?



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