Have you ever had a case of the Have Nots? You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?  I HAVE NOT this, I HAVE NOT that…I HAVE NOT ENOUGH?

My family and I are being stretched by God and challenged to consider what it means to serve Him and follow Him no matter what the circumstances.  We are learning that We DO HAVE food in our house, even if it’s not what we want to eat.  WE DO HAVE clothes to wear, even if it’s not something new.  WE DO HAVE a few people out there who genuinely love us and will do whatever it takes to help us.  WE DO HAVE immeasurably more than America tells we don’t.

The pressure of being American is overwhelming.  To have more, do more, be more.  We live in a society that teaches our kids that whatever they have is not sufficient.  The pressure is passed on to us, and the quiet, sneaky little voice constantly whispers  You HAVE NOT, you HAVE NOT, you HAVE NOT.

Sometimes this whisper drowns out the truth of what we do have that nothing can ever take away from us, our solid and firm relationship with the God of the Universe who is in control and knows all my needs.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.  No amount of HAVE NOTs on this earth could ever outweigh the truth of who I am and what God has me here for.

So if you are struggling to pay your rent, or squeeze one more glass of juice out of your oranges…or if you don’t know how your are going to keep your lights on…much less keep diapers on your baby…or if you don’t know when you are going to hear from your husband in Afghan again…or you can’t find your daughter….or you just have lost all hope because this world keeps telling you that you HAVE NOT…  I encourage you.  Don’t give up.  Don’t throw in the towel.   There is a guy I know, his name is Jesus, and he adores you.  He knows your suffering, he has a hope for you, a life for you, a love for you.  Just ask Him for it, he is the one thing that you will always HAVE.


2 thoughts on “When You HAVE NOT

  1. You know, I really appreciate what you are saying. I have lived much of my life wishing I had that which I do not have, and being sad that I don’t, instead of grateful for what I have. My wish list always included a beautiful house, a shiny new car, pretty furnishings, a grand piano; To have a house like my son’s friends, so he could bring them home and be proud, and have a nice place for them to hang out, wouldn’t that be wonderful? To have a thinner body, so that I could wear the clothing that I wish I could afford? To be able to impress people with my job, my huband’s job, our lifestyle. To go to shows, dine out? To give to charities to other people instead of being a charity case? Oh how I’d love that life…the one not mine. Those things others have. Yet, I’m so rich in so many ways….I have chachkis, pictures on the walls, a roof over my head, and God always finds a way for us to pay rent, and plenty of food to eat. I have so much to be grateful for: Books to read, music to hear, television to watch, phones; I have a job (praise the Lord), and my children, and a husband who works when his health is bad enough that he could be on disability. My son was cured of cancer 12 years ago…. I have so much. But the biggest, best thing I have, is the love of the Lord. This I want to share with everyone, and pray I can get better and better at this. Thank you for this beautiful blog. May you know God’s blessings, and the richness of life here and hereafter.

    1. Thank you Catherine. Sometimes I must write these words to myself simply because it is what I need to hear and no one speaks it to me. I am blessed from your comment..truly encouraged on a day I need it. Thank you!

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