Take Cover–The F Bomb is Flying

I am a student leader, so a majority of my friends on Facebook are teenagers. My Newsfeed is constantly blown up with love notes to the members of One Direction, updates on football practice, and pictures taken in the bathroom with captions about SWAG.

I am learning so much more about this lost generation with every Facebook login. I am not always pleased with their updates, and often offended by their language. So I have something to say to a few of them.

Dear Very-Vocal-Potty-Mouthed-Angry-Teenager,

I hear you. I can see that you are looking for someone to pay attention to your needs, and recognize your voice. Again I say, I hear you. Every post and status update is a reflection of you so be careful what you say. Your anger and hurt are obvious. Daily you are showing me how lost you are. You are proclaiming your lost-ness but refuse to be found. Your nastiness toward others and the way you pick fights and tear people down don’t make you seem any better, stronger or wiser.

You are so much more than how you are creating yourself. As you type those words, in a way you are speaking into existence your destiny. What I see is not what you are. If people only had to judge you by what you post on facebook, who would they say you are?

Jesus has a better life for you. He wants to break your chains, and free you from your hurt. If you don’t think he cares about you, just ask Him to show you his love and He will. He’s cool like that. I am praying for you, and am always here with open arms and listening ears.

With so much love,

Momma T

P.S. Please stop dropping the F-Bomb.


One thought on “Take Cover–The F Bomb is Flying

  1. I love your truth and grace. And I’m thankful again for my own youth leaders 20 years ago who showed me the love of Jesus. I’m glad we didn’t have fb back then (in the “olden days” as my 7 yr old says!)

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