Now Taking Applications

Time to go back to school, wouldn’t you agree?? My kids are great, but they are making my house a mess.  I hate cleaning house.  I always have.  When I was a kid, we had a maid.  That was awesome.  I wonder if she’s still in the business. Wonder if my mom would still pay for it.  Yah, probably not.   So I guess I will have to clean.

I guess I really don’t hate cleaning, I hate the process of cleaning.  I hate that whenever I feel like I’m accomplished, I turn around to another sink full of dirty dishes.  I could never work for the post office.  The mail would never stop.  It would just keep coming, just like laundry.

I’m not good at process.  I’m good at starting a process, but not finishing.  Like writing, or building ministries, or school.  I like the exciting, heart-racing, passionate side of doing things, especially when it comes to a project having a beginning and an end. Like bathrooms.  I like cleaning bathrooms.  They are typically the smaller rooms, I feel accomplished when they go from disgusting to clean, and it’s something I can finish.

That’s one of the reasons I could never scrapbook, it takes too long. And it’s one of the reasons I will probably never do 79% of the projects I have pinned on Pinterest. I have great intentions, but come on let’s be real:  I will only be commited to shop for the supplies, after that.  Yah, probably not.

So, my lovely readers, I implore you.  How do I become a finisher?  Pray: Check.  Ask God to change me: Check.  Don’t start a new project til I finish my current one: Check–well, in theory.    I think I just need a team of people.  A team of people to finish the stuff that I start.  That’s it, I need a staff.  Would you like to apply?  Salary range is $00.000-$000,000.

Apply within.


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