I Don’t Trust You

Just for fun, I thought I would make of list of weird things I’ve observed that have made me raise an eyebrow. They aren’t drastically weird, but just odd enough to make me question whether or not this person is trustworthy.

I’ve decided that I have a hard time trusting people who:

  • Own a piece of exercise equipment and it’s in some random place in their house
  • Only desire to chew a half of a piece of gum
  • Wear water shoes in a swimming pool
  • Still hold juice boxes while their children drink them
  • “Bass out” to country music
  • Are adults over 30 and still shop in the juniors department
  • Still own their prom dresses and graduated 10 years ago
  • Won’t let different foods touch on a plate
  • Name their cats after expensive vehicles
  • Name their dogs after old girlfriends
  • Name their kids after things in nature
  • Sleep with socks on
  • Bite right into a lollipop
  • Don’t have to sing the ABC’s to figure out alphabetical order

I’m sure this list will be added to, most likely daily and I’m certain I’ve missed some. So, how about you? What weird things make you go, “Hmmmm?! ” Or what weird thing do YOU do that would make me not trust you anymore?


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Trust You

  1. You’re casting your net pretty broadly here, yikes…I swear, I am a very trustworthy person! (even though I have some of these idiosynchrasies and more) hahaha

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