A Bad Case of Princess-itis

Ever have one of those days that seems completely worthless? Yah, well today is one for me. I could sincerely go to bed and not wake up ’til tomorrow, when I have a brand new jar of mercy and grace to twist open. I know, it’s not all that bad, really it’s not. It’s just a “BLAH” kinda day.

I will rant on about my misery, that is trite and selfish and minimal compared to the problems perhaps you even face. But at the end of my emotional vomitting I hope to feel a tad better, and perhaps even get out of my pajamas.

So it beings 2 1/2 weeks ago when I proved the Ole Wives Tale to be incorrect, and in fact, if you do shove a Q Tip too far into your ear you might break something. So last night was filled with interrupted slumber as my ear screamed out at me, in a slight shriek, what an absolute idiot I am. The drops aren’t helping, and neither is my yelling at the boys.

Oh, the boys! Who, by no fault of their own, are suffering from a lack of routine. Unfortunatelly they are also cursed at the inability to communicate like humans, and whatever other fever summer brings on. In my frustration my parenting skills completely deplete, especially when I’m not feeling well.

And then there is the lack of creativity and passion to accomplish anything…like writing and creating and being passionate. Not to mention that television offers nothing (Note to self: cancel cable) and the movie that I did watch, that I happen to love, was consistently interrupted by, no joke, more than an hour worth of commercials.

I have not had a coke all day and I don’t have ONE bit of brownies, or cookes or Sonic Chocolate Milkshakes anywhere in this house to make it all better. My man is at work so I must continue to suffer without. Pinterest is just a reminder of all that I won’t ever really be and facebook is just…well facebook.

I know, my life is so hard. Well really, it’s not. I’m blessed beyond measure, but have these moments of princess-itis in which I feel sorry for myself and completely entitled. Please don’t feel sorry for me, nor judge me. Just laugh at me as I sigh away my cravings and most likely roll over to take an afternoon nap.

I hope you have a fabulous rest of the weekend!


3 thoughts on “A Bad Case of Princess-itis

  1. Seriously Tiff, it’s ok to take a day of rest! God even allows it! It took me 62 yrs to finally get the message, but God said I am worth it! Don’t feel guilty, enjoy it…p.s. it’s ok to be sick, too!

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