How Subliminal is Hollywood?

Back in the day I was a HUGE Beverly Hills, 90210 fan. Who didn’t love the spoiled gang from Beverly Hills that dealt with real teenage life issues in the comfort of their BMW’s. Every Wednesday I was there, in my living room with a pizza and my BFF waiting to see what was going to happen with Brandon or Dylan–they were our Edward and Jacob. You either crushed on one or the other.

A few weeks ago, my daughters were sprawled out on the couch watching the latest episodes of the newest 90210. I pushed a few painted toes over, and grabbed a bit of a blanket to watch Kelly, who is now a counselor at Beverly High, deal with the same issues with her alcoholic mother. I was intrigued how they took the story line and continued it on decades later.

And then I watched these “teenagers” tackle the same issues of the 90s–teenage pregnancy, drugs, addiction. After taking it all in, I closely examined these “teenagers” with their curves and muscles and then shook my head.

I couldn’t hold my tongue any longer. I minister to kids in highschool and was once a teenager myself and 16 year old boys NEVER looked like that. I quickly Googled IMDB and found that these HIGHSCHOOL girls in 90210 were 22…24….and the teenage boys were, wait for it….27…and even THIRTY. Yes, THIRTY!

Hollywood is casting thirty year old men to play the roles of 17 year old boys. Hollywood is casting 24 year old women to play the roles of 15 year old girls. Our kids are so confused.

Our kids are so filled with self-contempt. Our kids constantly tell themselves they can’t measure up. Our girls are expecting their boyfriends to have the muscular build of a man, and our boys are expecting their girlfriends to have the curves of a woman.

Our kids are being blinded for hours at a time, showed how they should look or act. They are deceived of the realities of the beauty of how God grows us, slowly and purposefully. They are methodically being made completely discontent in their own skin.

It is a trap, it is a snare. It is the killing of self-worth, the stealing of peace, the destruction of a spirit. It’s not just the script or the costumes that accomplish this, it is the more subtle that can sometimes be the most destructive.

Be aware, and be willing to talk about the ridiculousness of the world with your kids. Be willing to discuss the hard issues and ask what your kids think about how Hollywood desires to make fools out of them. If you don’t, the enemy will just keep digging his heels in. Share the truth of God’s creative perfection. It is only in the truth that our kids will be freed and protected.



2 thoughts on “How Subliminal is Hollywood?

  1. Thanks for your post, Tiffany. We need to love our teenagers just the way they are and teach them to do the same.

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