Who Cares About Father’s Day?

Yesterday was Father’s Day. For those of you who forgot, I believe you can still get a card but will be able to get it at least 1/2 off. Your dad will be proud that you saved money.

I’m always torn about Father’s Day, for both personal and professional reasons. Personally, I became legally fatherless at the age of 8. My biological Father’s legal rights were terminated a few days before my birthday, and I wasn’t adopted by my new step-dad. So Father’s day means pretty much nothing to me. I have a fantastic grandfather, but he didn’t really “father me”, so to speak. So rummaging through the cards at Hallmark is sometimes comical, but not meaningful.

I have an amazing husband who is an awesome father, and he deserves the best of the best–even the stupid card that sings and lights up that Zac talked me in to. Eight-Ridiculous-Dollars later, I know how important a father is to my children.

But not all children have that love, or desire to blow money on dad. And so on Sunday morning in Children’s Ministry, I struggle with making Father’s Day Gifts. Mother’s day, on the other hand, is not so difficult. Most kids have a relationship with their mother, or have some mother figure who has stepped up and kids are always excited to paint and color and staple. But dad’s….

Lots of kids don’t have dads, or father figures or anyone they can happily decorate a cupcake for. It saddens me, because there is nothing I can do to take that all too familiar pain away. Like with my own father, I wonder if these innocent lovies have a father out there somewhere thinking about them.

Even when Father’s Day offers a nothing but a sting, I use it as a chance to explain the beauty found only in our heavenly Father. I give each child, fathered or not, a hope to cling to. There is a Father, who created you and loves you immensely. Every piece of art you create with your life hangs on his fridge. He saves every Hallelujah uttered from your lips in a file marked with your name. He delights over you, disciplines you, holds you, and loves every part of you ruined from your past and every thing you will be in the future. It is the truth that has sustained me, and He will be enough for these kids, too.

So yesterday, and today, and everyday, I celebrate the Father I have in Christ. I hope that you do to.

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. (Psalm 68:5 NIV)



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