NBA is Rigged

Am I the ONLY person who thinks the NBA Finals are total sham? Really? And this rant isn’t because the Spurs lost last night. I dis-owned the entire NBA forever ago, when the players became more thug and the franchises became more greedy.

It wouldn’t be that big of deal except my husband LOVES basketball. And I do, too. But I love the GAME of basketball not the PERFORMANCE of the NBA. No doubt the players have skill, and they are tremendous athletes with exceptional talent. But I think all of America has been dupped. Yep–even you.

I know it would be one of those moments that would change your life forever, but I just find it impossible to believe that such a money-hungry, and money-driven, organization isn’t corrupt on some level. There is too much money involved, too many gamblers bets on the line, for basketball to remain pure. One more game is needed to sell one more ticket, one more beer, one more hot dog, to pay one more player an outrageous, and in my opinion, undeserved, salary. And this team, and this city needs more money this year because blah blah blah, so let’s drag this series out a few more games. It’s for the city, it’s for the team, it’s for the NBA.

Whether it’s the players or the refs, I’m not sure. Sometimes, I think the players are in on it, even though I think it would be more difficult to keep the secrecy of it under wraps. To me the refs are the ones to keep under the microscope, because no one really knows anything about them–or most importantly, about their integrity. Most games that are upsetting and frustrating have nothing to do with how the players perform, it almost always has to do with the calls from the refs.

I know you think that there is no possible way they can pull it off. I know that you think you are way too intelligent to fall for such a scam should it be really true. Or maybe ignorance is bliss and for the love of the game and your favorite pass-time, you are willing to turn the other way, and pretend.

Consider this: if Hollywood can get an entire country in an uproar about the end of the world in 2012, and if the media can have us believe the Zombies are currently attacking us, then why couldn’t the NBA get you to believe that the games they are playing are just and fair?

I don’t have any proof. I’m not some investigative reporter with some crazy evidence that will bring down the entire Association. So, am I just crazy? Perhaps. Distrusting? Umm, maybe.

But I’m not stupid. I think it’s all rigged!

How about you?!


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