Is It Illegal to Throw Trash in Someone Elses Can?

I had this choir teacher in Middle School. I have no idea what his name is, but if I have this image of him forever imprinted in my mind. Sitting at his piano with his short pants and ridiculous mustache, banging away on the keys, singing some crazy song, that made no sense to me. I remember just watching him, completely lost in his song, playing to an audience, that in his head was captivated and inspired, but in reality thought he was a crazy, and dare I say–a dork.

The song he sang had something to do with vinegar and fish, and it also had to do with throwing trash in your neighbor’s backyard. I care so little about the song, that I wasn’t even compelled to google it for this Blog. But today I thought of that stupid song, in fact, its  melody I’m currently trying to drown out with Donovan Frankenreiter playing through my earbuds.

So I’m walking with Zac this morning to the bus stop, munching on a Ritz Crackerful (yummm!) and ended up with this piece of trash that I didn’t want to carry alllllll the way back home. Today happens to be trash day, so the curbs were lined with empty trash cans. Every walk to the bus stop on trash days makes me wonder if it’s okay to throw my trash in someone else’s trash can.

I think years and years ago, neighbors wouldn’t have ever even considered if that was acceptable behavior. But I don’t really know all my neighbors and what if one of them is OCD about the cleanliness of their trash can. I imagined a crazy lady, with her big dogs, smoking a cig in her bathrobe, peeking out the window, really pissed that I dropped my trash in her can.

I did it anyway. (cuz i’m thug like that).

As I kept walking I thought of how this NO DUMPING OF RUBBISH mentality has infiltrated our relationships, our churches, our lives. We want friendships, nice and clean, without baggage or consequence. We want our churches clean, without transparency. We don’t want anyone dumping the rubbish of their lives into ours. Afterall, we have enough of our own.

But as I walked past the trash cans, I remember Jesus calling us to help bear each others burdens. To be willing to take the rubbish, because we believe in a God who is bigger than the trash, and who is willing to help us dump our rubbish once and for all. If we aren’t willing to deal with the trash in other people’s lives, will they forever be covered in it, like on that hoarders show? What about our own lives?

In your life, who has too much rubbish for you? Are you the cig smoking lady in a bathrobe? Do you think you can be willing to take on the trash, to help someone, and maybe even you, get rid of the garbage?



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