Do You Want to Hurry to the Finish Line?

It’s almost summer. Some of you, particularly my Texas friends, are hanging at the pool or Sea World or some place fun. We are just trying to get through the last week of school.

Sometimes right before you reach the goal, it’s the absolute hardest. Hearing the alarm at 6:00 a.m. and needing to get up is so painful–but then my pain is relieved when my amazing husband gets out of bed and takes care of the kids, and I sleep. What can I say? I’m spoiled.

Despite my princess-like life, this last week before freedom is so exhausting. I remember the last few weeks of my last secular job before I entered into ministry. It was one of the most brutal times in my life. Everyday was filled with tears and frustration. I just wanted to walk away–to quit. But I couldn’t. I was a single mom, weeks before Christmas, I couldn’t just quit. I had to wait.

I could see the prize, the end in sight, but couldn’t reach it quite yet. It was guaranteed, but I couldn’t have it yet. I think of the crazy marathon runner. He runs and runs, for hours and hours ( or for me it would be days and days). When he sees the finish line in sight, he picks up his pace, runs with everything he has left to get there.

That’s what I’m doing right now with summer. But in other areas of my life I wish I could see the end in sight, but I’m only about half way through. I have to keep the pace, waiting until God brings me to the end of the course. I could get there myself, but it wouldn’t be healthy, it wouldn’t be right, it wouldn’t be wise.

Slow and steady, TJ. Slow and steady.



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