Doctors, Justin Beiber, and Saving the World

[I haven’t spent anytime writing lately. My time has been buried in finishing up overdue projects, and embarking prematurely on others. I have lots of thoughts and ideas, things that swirl in my head, until one idea becomes part of the other. I am going to attempt to write more this week…but no promises]

I have this blessed curse I live with. I have lots and lots and lots of great ideas, that I’m certainly passionate about. I want to save the children, and their parents. I want to stop divorce, and help parents who have gotten divorced. I want to help women who have husband’s deployed. I want to speak truth into the lives of teenagers, and love on the ones that have no families. I want to speak, and write and train and educate. All my want to’s are so exhausting–and overwhelming.

This weekend I watched a documentary on Justin Beiber–yes, because I wanted to. (I have somewhat of a cougar crush on that kid, sick, I know.) I was amazed and envious of the fact that since he was little he knew his purpose was music. His passion for music is why he lived and breathed. He knew exactly what he wanted to do, went after it, and is now fulfilling his dream–and doing it well.

A family friend graduated from medical school a few weeks ago. His father said that when he was little and asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, at three years of age, he would answer, “A doctor.” Now in is twenties, he beat the circumstances he was dealt (and they weren’t pretty) and accomplished exactly what he always knew he was born for.

Weekly I read blogs and they are clear and concise, and I know EXACTLY what message the writer wants you to embrace. But not me. Sigh. This girl is alllll over the place. So I’ve been in diligent prayer about who I am, what my purpose is right now, and what to do–oh what to do!!–with alllll these ideas.

I am grateful that God gave me such a compassionate heart. I often wonder how Jesus kept his purpose in check. He came to fulfill the Father’s message, and that often manifested in several different ways. Everyday I have to just slow down, take a deep breath and try to accomplish what I am supposed to for that day. But sometimes, that’s hard enough.

Do you know exactly what you are meant to accomplish? How did you know and what are you doing to make it happen?

Share your thoughts!!!


5 thoughts on “Doctors, Justin Beiber, and Saving the World

  1. What an interesting post Tiffany! Something Pastor Karl said on this subject yesterday resonated with me. He said that when people are in their ‘calling’, it’s like the perfect ‘sweet spot’ hit (which I understood to be a sports term for hitting a ball absolutely perfectly) Having played a lot of tennis in my teens and twenties I really understood this analogy because when you hit the ball just right in tennis, especially when serving, it’s almost impossible to defend against, aka the ‘Ace’ serve. So how do we know in what direction to peruse God for our own ‘Ace serve’ for him? My answer may seem slightly odd (but what’s new there) , but here is my honest opinion. Expect God to speak to you in the most human down to earth way that only you understand and can’t ignore! After all he’s speaking to you personally, right? That’s kind of what happened to Karl when he was slapped in the face with is call. The GREAT thing about God is he can speak to us in tailor made ways. He (God) once said to me – “tuck into my love”. in the UK to “tuck into” is a term to describe passionately eating food without restraint. I tell you, after he spoke that to me I was so liberated I felt I’d dined at the Zion buffet the night Moses got zapped! I believe these kind or words from the Lord are normal and for every believer.

    1. Thanks Chris for your thoughts. I too have been zapped, but God is constantly refining me, and it is in these moments of refining I find it the most difficult. I definitely know when I’m operating in my sweet spot (Wed night youth, counseling, writing, etc.) but there seems to be sooo many of them.

      I will sit quietly waiting for God’s voice and direction and then trust that my other ideas/passions will be taken care of by HIM in HIS way and HIS timing.

      I often struggle with: Just because I can doesn’t mean I should.

      Thanks so much!

  2. I have so many yeses to this post – I have a million things I want to say to this, and yet nothing coherent hahaha…I too am all over the place. No words. Pray and listen and live and love. Thank you thank you for speaking into my life and letting me travel on the journey with you.

  3. You could write everything down and leave it at the altar before God?

    You said :

    “I will sit quietly waiting for God’s voice and direction and then trust that my other ideas/passions will be taken care of by HIM in HIS way and HIS timing”

    That sounds like psalm 91:

    “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
    will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.[a]
    2 I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
    my God, in whom I trust.”,

    -so it’s biblical.

    Those things which consume us are ultimately directing us. I would say thou, that sometimes people use the ‘wait on the Lord’ scripture to avoid stepping out in faith (guess how I know this!?!). For example, If one of God’s gifts to you is ‘the gift of faith’ then waiting on the Lord is not instead of stepping out in obedience to something he already spoke. I am preaching at myself because I know that God has given me a creative and faith type of gifting (both involve me being pro active) even at times annoying.

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