KING of the HOOD

I have constantly struggled with the concept of my citizenship. I struggle because I have a difficult time accepting that I am priveleged simply because of where I was born. Just because I was born in the United States I am afforded things in this life that people born on the same exact date in 1977 in other countries, poor countries, could never even fathom.

Likewise I struggle with the concept of living in a Kingdom. I don’t know what it means to live under the rule of a King. We are a democracy where we decide, well in theory we decide, who will be in charge and when we dont like what that person does we replace him. It’s that simple, we can get what we want.

So when I hear about God being King, I don’t always get it. And forget trying to wrap my head around the concept of the Kingdom. In fact sometimes, I even feel…well…Weird when I say the word Kingdom when talking about my faith. It seems so religious, so cult-like. Right? I know it does.

But I have a fantastic pastor who is wise enough to simplify things for me. He explains that a kingdom is simply where a king reigns. So God’s kingdom is where God reigns. Itt is planted like a seed and like yest, in a small, slow way moves it’s way through your life and this world. But the only way a seed or yeast can begin growing is by making contact with it’s environment.

I now know that God’s Kingdom has come in my home, in my marriage and my parenting. But I also know that there are areas of my life where I live one foot in the Kingdom and one foot in the world. I also am challenged in how I am making contact with my environment. I might talk with my neighbor, but am I really asking God to be the king of that relationship? I might want to help the lady down the street, but am I doing it so that the Kingdom can make it’s way into my neighborhood?



2 thoughts on “KING of the HOOD

  1. I think it is easy to have a Topsy Turvy idea of what the word kingdom really means within Christianity. For example Jesus told the disciples that whoever wanted to become great should be the biggest servant of others, which is counter-intuitive. Jesus really did turn preconceived ideas upside down! I think that’s why he hung out with the worst of people, it was easier for him to communicate truths to the bum than the church goer. The religious leaders of the day missed the identity of the king of the kingdom as he stood living square in front of them! I think that if we really want to experience the Kingdom Jesus spoke about we have to firstly abandon almost every small aspect of religion. Religion says come to a dogmatic set of rules whereas Jesus says come to the living water. Religiosity compares your life against the meter rule of ‘acceptable behavior’ and judges accordingly-Jesus says come unto me and I’ll give you rest. The biggest danger to the kingdom of God is within the church, lukewarmness, a state of spirituality that neither offends, loves, or in anyway impacts the world outside it’s window.


    1. Chris, i totally agree. The lukewarmness of the church will be spit out by Jesus. That is one of my greatest challenges serving at a church in middle class America. The apathetic, it’s all about Me in the end attitude requires me to be in constant prayer! Thanks for your thoughts!

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